Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pirate Summer PJs

I made these cute tank tops for my Berkeley the other day and had a lot of the pirate knit and lime ribbing left over.

So, I made some pirate pjs for my boys to wear this summer.  I took some of Brady's pj shorts and traced them to make a pattern.  I liked those ones because there is no side seam or butt triangle on them.  Just one piece for each leg.  Here's how they turned out:
That's a lot of pirate booty!  They were having a good time, but there wasn't quite enough light without the flash.

We are apparently not very photogenic today, and Brady's shirt is already dirty.
To make the shirts, I used Dana's 90-minute shirt tutorial, but mine never come out quite as nice as hers.  I think I need to tweak my pattern a little.  I made the green one first, and I think the black one came out better after a pattern alteration.  Brady's neckline is too high, and Stephen's is too low.  I think somewhere in the middle should be perfect.

I did an elastic waist and just sewed the shorts onto the inside of it instead of encasing it.

I made the new ones a little longer because I'm not super fond of the short ones, especially on boys.  They were really easy and turned out pretty cute.  I mean... Arrgh, they be lookin fine.  Just right for getting cozy at bedtime. 

If I can figure out how, I will put my pattern template and more of a tutorial on here.  These ones are about a size 3T.

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  1. Lauren, these are so cute! I'm so happy you posted them to FB too or I might not have seen them. I'm also working on a free printable 90 Min shirt pattern...and should have it up at the end of this week or next :).
    Your kids are adorable!