Friday, January 30, 2015

Happy Easter!

Ha I was putting up my Christmas posts, I noticed I never posted this one from Easter that was sitting in my blog list.  oops!

So...anyway.  Happy Easter from Buffalo!

Our power went out half way through cooking Easter dinner this year, so we had to get creative.  We cooked the rolls in a warm bbq outside, and the rest of the food on a camping stove in the kitchen.

It all turned out delicious, and I was glad to know that in a pinch, we could still have a hot dinner!

Preschool Program

In December, Linsey and I did a craft show at the elementary school.  It wasn't as busy as they thought it would be, but we sold some stuff and had a fun time.

Our table was packed about as full as it could get.

Stephen (green tie) and his choir performed a few songs for the shoppers too.

Before Christmas, Berkeley's preschool had a super cute program!  Her teacher pulls out all the stops and does an amazing job!  The kids worked so hard all month to get everything ready for the big show.

They each made a cute candy house to display.

There were a lot of fun decorations to take home afterward too!

And I thought these table centerpieces were adorable.

The kids performed almost 10 songs and did a great job on all of them!

They even used props for most of the songs.  It was really awesome!

And, they even had a special visitor stop by at the end.  The kids were all pretty excited about that.

Our ward had a Pancakes with Santa breakfast.  We all got to say hi to Santa and eat some yummy  breakfast with a lot of fun people!

Thanksgiving Fun

Living close to home again means we get to spend a lot of time with all of our family.  We love it!  It does, however, make for some pretty long days at holiday time.

For Thanksgiving, we had lunch and pie at one house, snacks and hanging out at another, and dinner and more pie at a third.  It was long, but we loved all of it!  It is so nice to be home and have most of our family so close by instead of a couple thousand miles away.

There is always a lot of yummy pies at every house, so I thought I would do a different dessert too.  So instead of making pie, I made something easy for little guys and girls to get and eat without making much mess.  The kids helped me pick, and we decided on owl cake pops.  I don't always have good luck with cake pops though, so we did big marshmallows. 

We stuck chocolate chips to the top for ears, then dipped them a few times in different candy melts and stuck on some candy eyes and sprinkle beaks.  They were gone quickly, so I think they were a success!

This was the kids' table at my Mom's house.  I thought it was really cute.

The kids all thought they were pretty fancy with their china plates and crystal goblets (all from the thrift store!).

The adult table was pretty nice too, but I really liked the kids table!

We had such a fun Thanksgiving!  We were moving around, visiting, driving, eating and playing so much that I forgot to take any pictures of anybody...Oh well, maybe next year.