About Us

         Welcome to Boz Baby.  My name is Lauren.  I am a stay at home mom of four awesome kids and wife of a wonderful husband.  When I was young my Granner taught me how to sew in her converted garage on her old sewing machine.  My grandpa (Boz) made her a wooden cover for her pool table, and we used that as our giant cutting and sewing table (I still prefer to stand up when I sew all these years later).  She had a desk with her machine on it too where she would sit, but I usually stood at the pool table with my mom's machine to practice.  We made a blanket and a pillow case together with my cousin Debbie (which I still have and use occasionally).  I have loved sewing ever since. 
         As a teenager and in college I usually stuck to pajama pants and halloween costumes- you know, stuff that doesn't have to be perfect.  I would occasionally make a skirt or two.  When I got married, I made skirts for my sisters and our nieces to wear; nothing too fancy though.  Over the years I have tried to expand my abilities and have come out of my comfort zone a bit.  After I had kids, I started sewing more for them and for friends that were having kids, and I LOVE IT!!  It is so fun to see tiny people playing and having fun in the clothes you made them, or playing with the toys you made.
        I am not a perfectionist by any means, but I keep trying.  Hopefully I can share what I've learned, and what I am still learning along the way.
                I am going to try putting some tutorials on here for some things I have made, but that is still a work in progress.  Thanks for visiting and have fun browsing.

Thanks for your support,