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Summer or winter, it seems like my little girl always wants a skirt on; so I try to have plenty on hand.  These ruffled skirts are great!  They are simple, but so cute!  Right now I have three sizes- the smallest will fit about 12 -18 months.  The medium is 2T/3T, and the largest I have at the moment is 4T/5T.  They are $10 each for any size.  This is what I have in stock, let me know if you need something different.

12 - 18 month skirts:
item #1201
pink chevron

item #1202
grey birds

item #1203
teal chevron

item #1204
light blue/ white dots

item #1205
bright diamonds

item #1206
brown with dots

item #1207
sage and pink ovals

item #1208
sunset vines

item #1209
bright flower bursts

item #1210
aqua butterflies

item #1211
earth butterflies

item #1212
red with small hearts

2T/3T skirts:

item #2302
blue heart forest

item #2303
pastel circles

item #2304
dark grey with dots

item #2305
rainbow dots

4T/5T skirts:
item #4501
white with mini dots

item #4502
magenta chevron

item #4503
blue grey yellow leaves

item #4504
light grey chevron

Skirt Item #

If your kids love swimming as much as mine do, you will be in the pool a lot this summer!  Maybe the winter too.  Getting kids ready for the pool and getting them dressed after can be hard enough.  Add a soggy messy diaper that you have to pull down off a wet wiggly baby with chunky legs that won't stay still, and you have even more to deal with.  These swim pants open and close like a regular diaper so they are easy to put on and take off.  They are trim, so swim suits will fit great over them.  They are also adjustable to fit most babies and toddlers from about 9 or 10 months and up.  I made these swim diapers with PUL waterproof fabric for the outer layer, and a soft, breathable sport mesh on the inside.  They have velcro closures with laundry tabs to attach the hook side to so they don't snag on your laundry.  Swim diapers are $12 and only come in slate grey right now.

(laundry tabs)

Swim Diaper

My son really likes to be involved in selling stuff when I go to craft shows.  He wanted to make something to sell when I did the Fisher-Price show last year.  We decided on stuffed animals.  We picked out the animals we wanted and drew out some patterns.  Stephen chose the fabrics and traced the patterns onto them.  I helped him sew and stuff them, and he was really happy with them.  They turned out great!  And here they are.  We sold them for $8 each, and this is what we still have in stock.  His toys were definitely a bit hit at the show!

whale 1 front and back
item #801

whale 2 front and back
item #802

turtle front and back
item #803

dino front and back
item #804

fish front and back
item #805

tooth front and back
item #806

giraffe front and back
item #807

Stuffed Animal Item #

Babies can get messy at feeding time. Camouflage that mess in style with a super cute bib! Boz Baby Bibs are made with one or two fabrics on the front and a matching fabric on the reverse. They have an absorbent flannel liner to help keep the spills in.  The ones pictured are what I have in stock, but am happy to make whatever you have in mind.  They can be customized to achieve any desired look or theme. Our bibs are $9 each.  These ones are in stock, buy if you need something else, please e-mail me and let me know what colors or style you want and I can get it made for you.

pom-pom garden
item #901

teal burst
item #902

lime jungle
item #903

sage/brown flower
item #904

Baby Bib Item #

Just like our traditional bibs, these apron bibs are awesome!  They are nice and long, so they catch all the food and spill that end up in baby's lap.  The smaller size is great for babies and toddlers.  The larger size is good for preschoolers.  They are great for older kids that feel too babyish when you put a bib on them.  Apron bibs are $10 each, and these are the styles I have in stock.

Baby/ Toddler Size:

brown floral
item #1001

pink with vines
item #1002

damask with blue
item #1003

Preschooler Size:

sage floral
item #1004

pink and green ovals
item #1005

black and white damask
item #1006

flames with bottom pockets
item #1007

lime and grey floral
item #1008

Apron Bib Item #

Nurse your baby in style with Boz Baby’s nursing covers. They make great shower gifts for expectant moms who plan on nursing their new bundle. Moms on the go will appreciate how simple and efficient these are. The boning neckline allows you to see your baby while the large apron blocks out other distractions. They take up very little space, yet they provide maximum coverage for discrete nursing. Our covers are comfortable and lightweight, perfect for nursing year-round.  They are $22 each and come in a variety of stylish fabrics.  The ones shown are in-stock.  Please list your choice.  If you need a different look, let me know, and we can find a fabric to work with.

mustard/white buds
item #2201

black/grey flowers
item #2202

lime/grey butterflies
item #2203

purple/mustard floral
item #2204

Nursing Cover Item #

Boz Baby burp cloths are made with white stripped minky on one side and a cotton print on the other.  Our burp cloths come in sets of three and are $14 per set.  The sets are made up of three coordinating burp cloths.  These are so soft and absorbent, yet are still really cute. They are wonderful baby gifts for any new mom or grandma to have around.

stripped minky

Pink and Grey set
item #1401

Yellow/ Grey set
item #1402

Lime/Grey butterfly
item #1403

Teal/Blue set
item #1404

Blue/ Lime set
item #1405

Butterflies with Diamond Print
item #1406

Grey/ Yellow set
item #1407

Purple/Teal set
item #1408

Bright Pink vines
item #1409

Lime/Turquoise set 1
item #1411 

Lime/Turquoise set 2
item #1412

Lime/Turquoise set 3
item #1413

Burp Cloth Item #

Carseat canopies have gotten really popular lately, and for good reason.  They're awesome!  It's always a struggle to keep baby covered up in their carseat.  The built-in canopy only covers about half of them, so usually I would try to put a light blanket over the whole thing to keep the sun (and stranger hands) off of them. These work a lot better though.  They are just the right size and shape, and don't blow off in the wind.  I also like how they hang down with the straps to make it easier to use the handle without the blanket getting in the way.  The canopies are $25 and can be made for boys or girls in any combo of fabrics.  I do two layers of fabric- one inside and one outside.  The ones listed are in stock, but I do custom orders as well.
Pink Big Flowers
Item #2501

Carseat Canopy Item #

These wooden blocks can be customized to match any
color scheme or theme. They are just under 2" square.
They come in a set of six and are $18 per set.  To order 
blocks, please purchase in your cart and send me an
e-mail at to tell me what theme or
color scheme you want.  The ones pictured are examples, 
and are not available anymore.

Colors or Theme...

As a busy mom, I am always looking for quiet entertainment for my kids.  We do a lot of sitting- at doctor's offices, church, restaurants, etc.  It is nice to have something the kids can do themselves when we need them to, even if it's just for some quiet time at home.  These coloring books and magnet books are perfect solutions!  The coloring books have one side with crayon pockets and a larger pocket for cards, stickers, you name it!  The other side holds a clipboard that fits standard paper or a coloring book page.  The magnet books have two metal sheets- one in each side.  Magnets stick to the metal right through the fabric, creating the perfect canvas for whatever magnet games you want.  They are both $20 each and can be made in any color combo or theme that fabric comes in!  Now available: mini coloring books! A smaller version for even more convenient fun at $15 each.  The large size has handles, the small size does not.  Both sizes come with a clipboard, but crayons, papers and stickers are not included.  The styles shown (except examples) are the ones I have in stock.  I can make other large ones, small ones, or magnet books in any fabrics you like.  Just let me know!

(example of mini book)

Small Size:

Navy/Lime Weave
item #1504

Dots with Damask inside
item #1505

Blue/Grey Diamond Weave
item #1506

Large Size:

Pirate Guitar outside and inside
Item #2001

Black, White and Red outside and inside
Item #2002

Butterfly Garden outside and inside
Item #2003

Magnet Books are by custom order only and only come in the large size.  They are item #2000.  If you want to purchase one, please add it to your cart and e-mail me with a description of what colors/theme you would like.
(magnet book example)

Book Style/Size
Coloring Book Item #

Need church ties for you little guys, or matching ones for some family pictures?  These ties can be made with any fabric or colors you need.  The baby/toddler ones have a neck band that snaps at the back, and the child  and adult sizes are regular ties.  The child ties come in two sizes: the smaller is good for kids up to about 8 or 9, and the longer one is better for older kids.  Adult size is the same as a regular men's tie from the store.  These are by custom order only.  Please add them to your cart and e-mail me with a description of what you would like.

Fabric choice