Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sweet Home Craft Show

I did a craft show at Sweet Home High School on Saturday with my friend Kait.  It was so much fun!  Stephen even came and helped for the last few hours.  I had a lot of people ask if I had all my items online for purchase.  They are now!  I have updated my inventory and it is all under the store tab at the top of this page. Thanks for the great weekend!

Vintage Suitcase Redo

I found some old suitcases at the thrift store last year that were half off and I couldn't pass them by.  They were nothing special, but for $1 and less, how could I not buy them?!  

The sides of one was a little scratched, but other than that, they were all in pretty good shape.  I liked the color of them too.  This medium grey matches with a lot of the fabrics I already have, and the white stitching around the band was a cute accent.

I recovered them all with a pretty easy process.  I cut some fabric a little larger than the case's top and bottom, then used Mod Podge to stick it on.  I put another coat on top of the fabric also.  I used a little butter knife to stick the edges under the band and let it dry over night.  The Mod Podge made it a bit scratchy, so I smoothed it lightly with sand paper.

I was going to recover the inside too, but these were in really good condition inside as well.  I might end up doing it later anyway, but for now, this will do.

Right now I use these mostly for sewing storage.  I also take them with me to craft shows.  I can fit most of my inventory in them, then I can also use them for displaying all my stuff.

They certainly aren't perfect, but not bad for a fist try I think.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Most years for Valentine's Day, my kids want to go to the store and pick out which ones they want to give their friends at school.  This year however, they all wanted ones that I couldn't find...anywhere!  So we looked online and found some that they were each okay with.  

Berkeley had four days where she was doing valentine exchanges- yes four!  The first one we skipped out on, but the other three she really wanted to bring something.  

For school, we went with some crazy straws.  I got them in the party favor section at Walmart, but saw some after at Target that were a little shorter and would have fit better in the bags.  The straws were cheap, and so were the bags.  I used pretzel bags from Wilton that I found in the cake decorating section.  

I printed some tags and just stapled them on.

We went to our annual Cafe Rio Valentine's party with our playgroup, which was awesome!  Tanner's contribution was little cups of fishy crackers.  I thought the little containers were a perfect size for a snack.

Berkeley brought skittles butterflies for playgroup.  We didn't have time to finish them.  They were supposed to have eyes and cute paper on the bodies too.  Oh well...

 Stephen wanted Pokemon valentines, but we couldn't find any, so we made some little ones.  He put them in bags with hearts and a Pokemon card.

Brady liked some whistle valentines we saw online, but these horns were too cute to pass up.  He has a really small kindergarten class, there are only 15 kids, so we could do a little more for his valentines since I didn't have to make as many.

We still have to make some for Berkeley's dance class, but other than that, I think we are finally done!  

Tuesday we had a recognition night for the Activity Day girls at church.  I made 72 cupcakes, and forgot to take pictures before they were all eaten.  I managed to salvage a few to bring home, and this was the only one that made it long enough to take a picture.  There were six different kinds: lemon poppy seed with blueberry yogurt frosting, vanilla with vanilla frosting, chocolate with cookies and cream oreo frosting, chocolate with caramel toffee frosting with almonds, triple chocolate, and this one was chocolate with dark cherry frosting.  It was a good night, the girls did a great job! They all showed their talents and crafts that they have made.