Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fourth of July

Sorry I haven't posted anything for a while.  I had a tutorial I was getting ready to put on here, but I've been having problems with the pattern PDF.  While I was working on it at the computer last week, our power went out.  It stayed off until 11:30 that night (which was not fun since it was over 110 that day!).  Most of our city was out, and ours was the last area to get it back.

Anyway, that was on Thursday, and we left Friday to go up to the mountains.  Our cabin doesn't have internet, so I couldn't do much until we got home.  I'm finishing up that pattern, and have another tutorial going at the same time too.  Hopefully they'll both be done this week and I can get them on here.

So, we spent our Fourth of July up in the pine trees with lots of family and friends.  Blake's mom made the cutest skirts and dresses for the girls and shorts for the boys to wear to the parade in Show Low.

They had such a great time! They love all the candy that gets thrown durring the parade and seeing the forest service fire trucks. 

Here are my three cuties before we left for the parade.  I knew I needed to take a couple before we left if I wanted their clothes (and faces) clean in the pictures.  Wow! I think their hair is even still combed!

Berkeley hasn't quite figured out smiling for the camera without saying cheese with a weird face yet.  But it's still cute to me. (yes, lamby goes everywhere with her)

Here's our whole little bunch. I know they look small, but I can't believe how big they are getting already!

We had a great time in Pinedale.  I think this was the longest we've stayed up there at one time.  The kids love love love having all their cousins to play with.  Grandma and Papa came up with a couple of cousins, and Blake's older brother has a place close by, so his family was there also.  His younger brother stopped by for a few days on his way back from Georgia with his wife.  They are having their first baby in a few weeks. YAY!!

Every year on the Fourth, there is a big horseshoe tournament with all the Tuckers and all the Gunnells.  I didn't go this year, so I don't have pictures.  But Blake's brother made a cool trophy for the winner to put up in their cabin for the year.  It's a block of wood with an old horseshoe on top and lots of places for plaques with the winner's name and year on it.

They are trying to evolve the tournament into a whole series of events to make the Pinedale Games.  So they were practicing their disc golf skills as well as lasso golf and darts. 

Stephen thought he was part of the action with the disc golf, and was actually pretty good at darts (as long as the board was on the ground leaning on the tree).

Berkeley was in heaven with five older girls around to play with and entertain her.  I think her favorite things to do though were ride with dad on the quad or in the rhino, and swing in the tire swing.

This was HER swing.  She was being very grouchy about letting anyone else have a turn, but she eventually gave in and stopped crying (so much at least) when someone else was in there.  Last time we were there, the wind was increadible, but she wasn't going to let that stop her from swinging.  She fell asleep in there durring 40+ mph winds!  She sure loves that swing!

It's not as hot in the mountains as it is here in the valley, but there were some days that were in the 90s.  While Blake had the hose out, the kids decided it was a good time to get a little wet.  They ran back and forth quite a few times.  I'm not sure any of them anctually got in the water though.  It did rain a few times in the afternoon (usually right when I would start painting the outside of the garage) and they had a good time running around durring the rain to cool off.

It was a nice week full of family, friends, fun and food, but sadly no fireworks because of the forest fire nearby.  Hopefully they will be back on for next year!  We had so much fun, but are glad to be home!

We had a great Fourth of July!  I hope you did too.


  1. Cute pictures of a cute family! Looks like you had a great time!

  2. Aww, thanks Aunt Terry. We really did!