Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween...a little late

I am finally getting my halloween pictures off of my camera! It's only been just over a week, not too bad I guess.  So we waited until the Thursday before Halloween to cut our pumpkin so it wouldn't get disgusting before the big day.  Stephen is scared of the inside of them for some reason, but he toughed it out and actually touched it!  He grabbed a handful, and immediately started shaking his hand like crazy trying to get it off while flinging it all around the kitchen.  They had a good time though.

They decided on the spooky cat, so this is what we ended up with.  And, even though we waited, it was very rotten by the weekend.  I think we got a dud from the market.

On Saturday we had a Halloween party at Grandma and Papa's house with all but two of the Tucker cousins.  They made spider hats and spooky haunted houses.

Blake had Monday off, so he got to go to school with Brady.  He was even a great sport and dressed up for the party.  He ended up being the only parent who did- bunch of bums!  The teachers and kids were all in costumes though.  Brady thought it was awesome!

Our little crew:  Brady the army guy, Stephen Darth Vader, and Berkeley the ballerina

We stopped at my dad's house to say hi and take pictures with Jessica's kids.  They were all so cute!

They had a great Halloween!  Berkeley was running as fast as those little legs would take her from house to house!  It was really fun!  I hope yours was too!


  1. This is adorable! I love seeing your pictures and reading about your fun times! Thanks:-) Can't wait to see you guys!!!

  2. the kids look so cute! i dig those spider hats too.