Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Coloring books and minis

With Christmas coming up, I have been getting a lot of orders for coloring books.  I love it!  I made a smaller version for myself and have really liked it.  So, I thought I would put them on here too.  The original size (shown with the pimk and purple flowers) holds a standard clipboard and letter sized paper.  The mini version (shown in the lime/grey) holds a smaller clipboard that is 6x9" and letter paper that is cut in half.  The larger size holds 14 or 15 crayons/colored pencils/skinny markers, the smaller one I made only holds four and has a pocket next to it, but it can also be made to hold about 10 crayons.  They include the clip board, but not the paper/crayons/stickers.

Until Christmas, I will be selling the larger (portfolio) sized coloring books for $15 and the smaller (day planner) sized ones for $10.  After that, they will go back to the regular prices of $20 and $13.

I will update the fabrics I have available in my store, but I can make them in any color/theme you want.  If you want them in time for Christmas, order soon!

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