Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mini Pineapple Cheesecakes

With a ten month old baby in the house, I end up with A LOT of empty baby jars.  I use some for storing snacks, buttons, and other crafts.  Even after everything I can think of to use them for, there are still way too many.

I came across a recipe for small pineapple cheesecakes and wanted to try making them.  I don't have any cute glass individual serving dishes like they had in the photo, so I thought I would try them in some of my extra jars so I could give some away too.

The recipe made quite a lot.  It filled up 17 little jars, so I had plenty for us, and lots to give away.  The ones for us were just in plain jars, but for the gifted ones, I wanted them a little cuter.  I made some labels on my Silhouette software, printed them on a full-sheet label, then cut them with the Silhouette.  I put a skinny strip of scrapbook paper around the jar and secured it with the front label.
My printer has been acting up lately, so the colors turned out a little different than I had planned, but are still cute.

I spray painted the lids (which I would suggest doing a day or two before hand so they don't smell like paint) so they would be cuter and not have the brand around the rim.  Then I added the pineapple labels to the top and was done!

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