Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fun Summer...So Far

It's finally starting to feel like summer here in Buffalo, which means we only have a few weeks left to enjoy it.  So far it has been a pretty fun one.  We went camping at Darien Lake State Park with some friends and had a great time!

We had a campfire and roasted marshmallows to make s'mores, and they were delicious.  There was a little path by our campsite that went down to a stream.  The kids all had fun splashing and wading, and of course, eventually they all fell -one by one- into the water.  By the end, they were all soaked, but had a great time!

For the Fourth of July, we had a barbecue with our neighborhood buddies and got good and wet again.  The boys and Berkeley had fun in the sandbox and in the sprinkler.

Tanner made a great pile of rocks and practiced throwing them.  Usually they fell  behind him while he was winding up though.

We went to the fireworks afterward and everyone had a fun time watching them and playing in the grass.

This doesn't really have anything to do with our summer, but I made some of my Granner's pizza dough and made the pizzas in cookie sheets like we used to do at family gatherings at her house.  I even cut them with my kitchen shears like she used to do.

Stephen heard about lemonade stands and really wanted to have one of his own.  So he picked some things to sell at his stand, and went to work.  I think he made a grand total of $8.50 before Mom fees.  He was pretty stoked about his success.

It has been a pretty fun July so far, and it's not quite over yet.  I can't wait to get outside while it's still warm and see what else we get to do!

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