Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Vintage Suitcase Redo

I found some old suitcases at the thrift store last year that were half off and I couldn't pass them by.  They were nothing special, but for $1 and less, how could I not buy them?!  

The sides of one was a little scratched, but other than that, they were all in pretty good shape.  I liked the color of them too.  This medium grey matches with a lot of the fabrics I already have, and the white stitching around the band was a cute accent.

I recovered them all with a pretty easy process.  I cut some fabric a little larger than the case's top and bottom, then used Mod Podge to stick it on.  I put another coat on top of the fabric also.  I used a little butter knife to stick the edges under the band and let it dry over night.  The Mod Podge made it a bit scratchy, so I smoothed it lightly with sand paper.

I was going to recover the inside too, but these were in really good condition inside as well.  I might end up doing it later anyway, but for now, this will do.

Right now I use these mostly for sewing storage.  I also take them with me to craft shows.  I can fit most of my inventory in them, then I can also use them for displaying all my stuff.

They certainly aren't perfect, but not bad for a fist try I think.

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